Based in Delhi NCR, Studio Strings is an architecture firm that offers bespoke design services. The idea of setting up the firm started as a simple, fun conversation between our two principal founders—Himani Gupta and Kritika Sharma

Today, the firm is known for relentlessly pursuing excellence in its projects—from designing to execution. True to its name, the studio strings or connects together various ideas, underlying layers and analytical information needed to create spaces that resonate with the user—improving the quality of life and the built environment.

Design is always an exciting, intriguing and an interactive process at Studio String. Before commencing a project, we enjoy knowing our clients personally so as to better understand their requirements and do justice to our work. All our projects, from a small residence to a large metropolitan office receive the same attention to detail and strictly follow the guiding principles of sustainability with minimalism at its core. As qualified professionals, we understand the need for bridging the gap between the building and its surroundings and therefore, our team is committed to crafting site-specific solutions that are well suited to the Indian context—architecturally as well as culturally