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Based in Delhi NCR, Studio Strings is an architecture firm that offers bespoke design services. The idea of setting up the firm started as a simple, fun conversation between our two principal founders—Himani Gupta and Kritika Sharma . Today, the firm is known for relentlessly pursuing excellence in its projects—from designing to execution. True to its name, the studio strings or connects together various ideas, underlying layers and analytical information needed to create spaces that resonate with the user—improving the quality of life and the built environment.

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Principal Architect Himani Gupta

Himani Gupta

Founder & Prinicipal Architect
 Architect Kritika Sharma

Kritika Sharma

Founder & Prinicipal Architect
 Architect SIMONA JAIN

Simona Jain

Associate Architect

Kamakshi S. Aghihotri

Associate Architect

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Interior designer doesn’t have a prescriptive format for how they work. They have design stages, which include in their services, the type of project they take onboard & most particularly their fees. So, it’s understandable that a new client can find it difficult to compare different designer.

  • As every interior designer have their own format for how they work. So, it’s understandable that a client can find it difficult to compare different designer. But while choosing an interior designer for your home you can consider some of the points.

  • Landscape architects is someone who creates beautiful outdoor spaces. They are the who create a natural & aesthetic environment around your surroundings. They combine their creative knowledge with human activity with natural environment.
    Landscape architects are seriously important due to urgent issues of our time including mitigating climate changes & contributing to the sustainability of both individual sites & cities as a whole.

  • A landscape architect work includes: -

  • Once you finalized about constructing or renovating your space then the next step is to finalize an architect. To select your architect who suits on your budget, time frame, design style and with whom you are comfortable in sharing your ideas and communicating.

  • Some tips before hiring/choosing an architect are: -

  • Usually architects charge on percentage of the cost of the whole building project as their design fee, it varies from 5-15%. Some firms charge on the basis of per square foot x total built up area of the project and some of them also cost on fixed or lumpsum payment.

  • There’s no standard answer of the question that how long it will take? Can understand through basic stages & each stage has time variance: -